An assembly line with syringes on the line.

Medical device manufacturers face a number of headwinds when it comes to getting products to the market. They continually review their internal and external processes — everything from workflows to vendor agreements — to discover anything that could delay production, slow project momentum, or increase time to market. Outsourcing to a contract medical manufacturing partner should increase your speed and agility, not compromise them.

Since 1997, Precision Medical Products, Inc., has enabled our customers to be more agile in manufacturing their products. With our commitment to design for manufacturing and our rapid iteration approach, we have been able to increase end-to-end throughput so pharmaceutical and medical device companies can get their products to the market more quickly. 

PMP offers a number of advantages to increase your agility: 

Rapid quoting—At some contract manufacturing companies, quoting a new project can take weeks, even months. Backed by a long history of precision manufacturing and an emphasis on design for manufacturing, PMP can take a customer’s design concept and quickly visualize a process to make it efficiently. We are skilled at asking the right questions in early discussions to uncover vulnerabilities, challenges, or risks that could upend a project or cause significant delays. In the end, this enables us to put together accurate quotes quickly and to get your product into production in less time.

Single-source manufacturing—PMP offers a complete range of integrated medical production technologies under one roof. This eliminates handoffs between different contractors, reduces the number of decision-makers, and minimizes stage-gate delays.

Seamless collaboration—Because they’re housed completely in our 106,000-square-foot facility, PMP team members can collaborate seamlessly to maintain tighter version controls, manage ripple-effect changes, track critical escalations, and capture relevant dialogue.

Cross-discipline knowledge—At PMP, our engineers work beside machinists who work beside assemblers who work beside quality experts. In this environment, we can share knowledge quickly, both in ad hoc and scheduled review meetings, to make sure the best solutions, informed by diverse perspectives, move forward.

Decades of medical manufacturing experience—Of course, all of our capabilities rest on a foundation of experience. For almost 100 years, PMP and its legacy companies have been focused on making the highest-quality precision parts, first for the textile industry and then for the medical device industry. All of this institutional knowledge, amassed over the years, makes it possible for us to execute reliably, make decisions quickly, and make recommendations with confidence.