A technician inspecting samples.

Once a product development team finalizes a prototype, it still faces a long production cycle involving a number of steps — process design, verification, validation, and volume manufacturing. It’s tempting to seek out a team of contract manufacturers, each with expertise in a single phase of the process, thinking it will accelerate development. In reality, this approach actually leads to complications that arise from poor communication, lack of systems integration, and even competition.

At Precision Medical Products, Inc., we have consciously and systematically built our business to be a full-service provider of medical device manufacturing services. We offer a complete range of integrated medical production technologies under one roof, which means we can serve as a single source for high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing and packaging of components and assemblies.

Because we integrate several technologies within our state-of-the-art facility, PMP can:

  • Simplify your supply chain to ensure repeatable, high-quality fabricated parts and components.
  • Respond to a wide range of needs for medical, surgical, dental, and pharmaceutical product applications.
  • Offer complete project management, from design for manufacturing and preproduction fabrication to verification and validation and product manufacturing.
  • Facilitate transfer of knowledge and data within PMP and between PMP and your team of engineers.
  • Protect your intellectual property through the necessary iterations and design revisions required to bring a device to the market.
  • Assure quality across the entire development process, from concept to commercialization.

Most importantly, as a single-source provider, PMP can reduce time-to-market and cost-to-market while still ensuring that you meet all compliance and regulatory demands. This enables your company to stay competitive and profitable in an increasingly challenging industry.