A technician inspecting samples.

At Precision Medical Products, Inc., we are committed to continuous improvement and embrace a number of strategies to improve quality, increase customer satisfaction (internal and external), reduce waste, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Our portfolio of tools and systems are based on principles of Operational Excellence (OpEx), a philosophy of leadership, teamwork and problem-solving that results in continuous improvement throughout the organization by focusing on the needs of the customer, empowering employees, and optimizing existing activities. These tools and systems include:

  • Total Quality Management—PMP’s TQM strategy is focused on empowering our employees to make customer satisfaction their highest priority. Every employee is expected to do the right thing, to reduce variation, and to identify opportunities for process improvement.
  • Lean Manufacturing—At PMP, we associate the concept of lean manufacturing optimizing processes to eliminate waste and to elevate productivity. We look beyond our own facility to consider suppliers and vendors, and we foster teamwork so our staff can distribute knowledge and feel empowered to change processes at the source.
  • Six Sigma—PMP uses six sigma tools and techniques to reduce process variation and errors by applying quality and statistical tools. This enables us to minimize defects across design and manufacturing and, ultimately, deliver higher-quality products.
  • Project Management—PMP adheres to a rigorous project management process to keep projects on schedule and ensure best practices and high standards are maintained throughout production. A dedicated project manager serves as the main point of contact and monitors schedules and budgets. The project manager also enforces the project’s goals.

We systematically apply the appropriate knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to ensure all project activities satisfy the requirements defined by the customer during the project kickoff. This involves managing scope, cost, and schedule to ensure all projects are delivered on time and on budget.