Since its inception in 1997, Precision Medical Products, Inc., has focused on being a vertically integrated contract manufacturer for the medical device industry. By integrating many technologies within our state-of-the-art facility, we can simplify your supply chain, improve process flow, and manufacture devices more cost effectively.

Our full range of capabilities include:

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Engineering Services—PMP provides engineering support from design for manufacturability all the way through ongoing manufacturing. Whether it’s product realization, process design and development, or product line transfers, PMP engineers bring fresh insights and innovative solutions to any project. One of our core strengths is rapid tooling, which means we can accommodate machine changes quickly and accelerate the early design process.


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Metalworking—PMP built its reputation, from a foundation making hosiery needles and then evolving to a medical device manufacturer, on its metalworking skills. Today, we’re known as a premier source for a wide variety of specialty needles and cannula and can incorporate multiple metalworking technologies. We also offer a number of services to add value to our metalworking capabilities — for example, a monitored reverse osmosis water system to meet the washing requirements of metal components and assembled products.


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Plastic Injection Molding—PMP is one of the rare OEMs that offers both metalworking and thermoplastic molding production capabilities. Customers rely on our extensive plastic injection molding operation to manufacture plastic parts on any scale, from micro plastic parts and components to larger-scale medical devices.



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Device Assembly—PMP’s 106,000-square-foot facility includes certified ISO Class 7 (FS209E Class 10,000) and ISO Class 8 (FS209E Class 100,000) clean room areas to control bioburden and minimize contamination of products during assembly and packaging. We’ll work closely with your team to determine the appropriate assembly system — manual, semi-automated, or fully automated — based on your budget and volume demands. We have the ability to perform lower-volume hand assembly and testing, but we can also develop and integrate high-volume semi- and fully automated assembly solutions as volumes increase.


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Packaging—With six machines onsite, from trusted brands such as MULTIVAC, Doyen, and Sonoco Alloyd, PMP is uniquely equipped to accommodate diverse packaging needs. Our machines can handle both high- and low-volume runs, as well as fill-and-seal and peelable-pouch configurations.




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Sterilization—PMP will work closely with your product team to coordinate the sterilization techniques, including both radiation and ethylene oxide, that can be used on products in both pre- and post-assembly environments.




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State-of-art, Purpose-built Facility—All of these capabilities can be delivered from PMP’s 106,000-square-foot facility, designed from the ground up to optimize manufacturing for the medical device industry. By integrating many technologies under one roof, we simplify your supply chain and become a single-source provider who can handle your metal work, plastic injection molding, device assembly, packaging, and sterilization requirements.