A graphic explaining Process-Optimized Manufacturing.

Precision Medical Products, Inc., brings more than 50 years of medical device manufacturing experience to every project. Over those years, we have focused on integrating a portfolio of technologies to become a single-source provider and on implementing streamlined production methodologies to ensure manufacturing success for our customers.

At PMP, we take a structured, yet flexible, approach to transforming medical device concepts into production-quality products. Some of our customers come to us with a well-defined device concept and prototype. More often, they come to us with a rough design or rapid-prototyped components requiring a significant amount of tooling iterations and manufacturing process development to prepare the device for advanced market acceptance testing and commercial production.

PMP’s Process-Optimized Manufacturing methodology can accommodate all of these situations. We work seamlessly with your team from design to device, becoming, in essence, the manufacturing arm of your business to support your commercialization introduction and growth. Because we are fully involved in every aspect of production, we are fully invested in the success of your project.

At the heart of PMP’s Process-Optimized Manufacturing methodology are four guiding principles that guide how we collaborate with our customers:

  1. Rapid Iteration — PMP offers in-house tooling expertise to allow rapid iteration and response, which means we can accommodate machine changes quickly and accelerate the early design process. Whether you need a few parts or a few thousand, machined or molded, our team of engineers, designers, machinists, and toolmakers can deliver quickly.
  2. Process Development — PMP engineers work closely with your internal team to align process development with the needs and requirements of your specific device. All of our decision-making is focused on reducing process variation in an effort to streamline and simplify manufacturing. We make sure that your device can be put together repeatedly and efficiently and that it can be produced in a cost-effective manner.
  3. Cost Reduction — By understanding the unique challenges and complexities of your device, PMP can make innovative modifications throughout the early project phases to build in manufacturing efficiencies. This results in lower production costs and increases the perceived value of the device among end users.
  4. Quality Control — As an ISO 13485-certified contract manufacturer, PMP has extensive procedures in place to control processes, prevent defects, and ensure high quality outcomes.