A graphic explaining manufacturing.

A successful pilot production phase should verify that your production process can consistently meet quality and cost standards in manufacturing. Next comes the transition to an ongoing manufacturing environment.

Precision Medical Products, Inc., has vast experience manufacturing devices, components, assemblies, and accessories for a range of medical, surgical, dental and pharmaceutical product applications. Our state-of-the-art medical manufacturing facility is ideal for high-volume, automated processes that blend the most precise requirements with cost-effectiveness and consistent quality.

As a vertically integrated contract manufacturer, PMP brings together a number of advanced machining and tooling capabilities under one roof. Or, we can work with your team to develop customized machinery to manufacture to your precise product specifications. We can also provide device assembly and packaging services in our 106,000-square-foot facility, which includes ISO-certified Class 7 (FS209E Class 10,000) and Class 8 (FS209E Class 100,000) clean room areas.

The bottom line: PMP sees itself as your partner throughout your medical device’s journey, from concept realization to packaged, sterile product destined to improve the lives of patients.