A collection of needles in a metal cylinder.

Given the rise in vaccination initiatives and campaigns, as well as the growing prevalence of infectious diseases globally, vaccine delivery devices represent an exciting opportunity for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. At the same time, patients and providers are calling for needle-free approaches to delivering medicines, with the goal of reducing needle-stick injuries.

This has encouraged a surge of innovation in vaccine-delivery systems. For example, some researchers are exploring small-scale jet injectors to deliver vaccines orally. Others are exploring spray systems, micro-needles for transdermal delivery, and depot systems for intramuscular administration. For these vaccine suppliers, having a contract manufacturer that can bring value to the design, manufacturing, and packaging of novel drug-delivery systems is vital.

Precision Medical Products, Inc., can be that partner. We can help you pressure-test prototypes, optimize packaging solutions for cost-effective manufacturing, and adhere to all quality standards. And, because we offer full metal and plastic processing capabilities, we can produce complex components and assemblies under one roof, whether they are completely novel or compatible with existing vaccine formats, such as vials or ampoules.

These capabilities are built on 50 years of experience in the vaccine and infection control market. PMP introduced the bifurcated needle for smallpox control, and after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we produced enough bifurcated needles — 400 million — in one year to inoculate the entire nation in the event of a biological attack.

Today, we manufacture millions of needles a year, for vaccination and allergy testing, and partner regularly with pharmaceutical and biotech companies working to commercialize their innovative vaccine-delivery systems.