A assembly line of plastic medical tops being vacuumed for distribution.

Pharmaceutical companies face a number of challenges as they strive to stay competitive. The demand for personalized medicine and the trend toward development of orphan drugs has caused a proliferation of drug delivery mechanisms. As a result, pharma manufacturers must accommodate increasingly complicated handling, packaging, and distribution mechanisms.

To manage these challenges, drug makers are becoming more strategic about their supply chains. They are looking to reduce the number of suppliers in their network and build closer relationships with them. This enables them to streamline commercialization efforts and get their drugs to the market more quickly.

Contract packagers are becoming strategic partners to pharma companies. Not only can they provide cost-efficient solutions, they can also stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative packaging designs, whether they need to manufacture blister packs, prefilled syringes, parenteral vials and ampules, prefilled inhalers, pouches, or medication tubes.

Precision Medical Products, Inc., has been a leading provider of contract packaging services to the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Our core competencies mesh well with the drug discovery and development expertise of pharmaceutical companies. Those competencies include design for manufacturability, expertise with both metals and plastics, and extensive packaging capabilities that can handle both high- and low-volume runs, as well as form, fill-and-seal, and peelable-pouch configurations.

Whether you’re looking to launch the next blockbuster or introduce a medicine targeting an orphan disease, you can trust PMP to support your commercialization efforts and add value to your global reach.