Closeup of dental syringe.

Precision Medical Products, Inc., is an FDA-registered, ISO-13485-certified contract manufacturer. With a complete range of integrated medical production technologies under one roof, we serve as a single source for quality, cost-effective manufacturing and packaging of components and assemblies. By integrating many technologies within our state-of-the-art facility, PMP is able to simplify your supply chain by meeting all of your metal work, plastic injection molding, device assembly, packaging, and sterilization requirements.

Our 50-plus years of experience uniquely positions PMP to deliver high-quality products in many health and medical markets:


PMP has developed unique manufacturing processes for volume production of high-quality dental products, such as:

  • Sterile disposable dental instrument kits
  • Dental syringes
  • Oral surgical products
  • Endodontic products


PMP engineers can work closely with you to evaluate the design for manufacturability of your neurological devices, including neurodiagnostics, neurointerventional, and neurostimulation devices. We specialize in both metal and plastic processing, which means we can deliver innovative and highly specialized neurological solutions.


PMP has always enjoyed the challenge of developing and manufacturing new state-of-the-art orthopedic medical devices, such as:

  • Specialized spinal implant devices
  • Disposable arthroscopic cutters
  • Disposable arthroscopic abraders
  • Bone paste syringe systems

Women’s Health

PMP regularly partners with medical device manufacturers whose specialty includes gynecological and obstetric devices, including:

  • Core biopsy needles
  • Gynecological specula and dilators
  • Hysterometers and hysteroscopes
  • Uterine manipulators
  • Endometrial ablation therapies
  • Gynecological forceps
  • Gynecological curettes