Laparoscopic tools on a sterile table

The performance of minimally invasive surgery, or MIS, using endoscopic, laparoscopic, or catheter-based solutions has become increasingly common for a number of reasons. Because MIS is performed without making a major incision, patients experience less trauma, enjoy shorter hospital stays, and recover more quickly. Hospitals, whose reimbursement is being increasingly impacted by quality measures and episode-of-care payments, also see significant benefits.

As a result, the demand for instruments to conduct these procedures has skyrocketed. Medical device suppliers are constantly looking for smaller, smarter tools, and they often push the boundaries of device design to bring together metals, extrusions, and molding for more innovative catheter shafts, specialty needles, components, and subassemblies. OEMs who bring value to the manufacturing process, either through vertical integration or advanced capabilities, can have a significant impact — for suppliers, providers, and patients.

Precision Medical Products, Inc., has years of experience serving the needs of MIS device suppliers. We have been uniquely successful in integrating our plastic and metalworking skills in the development and manufacture of a variety of handheld or electrosurgical instruments, inflation systems, guiding devices, and cutters. Specific examples include the following:

  • Rotating sinusoidal wires for safe and effective thrombus removal
  • Vitrectomy-cutting instrument for use during cataract surgery
  • Endoscopic accessory channel devices for use in gastrointestinal applications, including sclerotherapy needles, forceps, snares, and ERCP cannulation products
  • Disposable laparoscopic instruments
  • Electrocautery suction device

Our manufacturing expertise translates into success for your device development team. From design for manufacturability to machining and tooling to assembling and packaging, we bring every piece of the manufacturing process together to ensure your MIS device — large or small — makes it to the market in less time without compromising quality.