A pair of diabetic insulin cartridges.

Injectable insulin has been the gold standard of diabetes treatment for years, but advances in injectable drug delivery are reshaping the care of diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. A number of technology innovations have taken place that enable critical medications to reach people who need them. For example, self-injection systems, such as auto-injectors, pen-injectors, and needle-free injectors, are giving diabetes patients unmatched control over their own treatment.

However, these new technologies bring new challenges, especially around risk mitigation. The FDA is asking drug and packaging manufacturers to ensure consistent quality throughout a drug product’s lifecycle in order to minimize risks to the patient and the drug.

That’s why it’s critical to partner with a contract manufacturer that thoroughly understands diabetes and drug delivery systems. Over many years, PMP has provided the contract manufacturing of medical devices for a variety of drug delivery applications, including the following:

  • Insulin delivery system components
  • Auto injector syringes for bee sting antidotes and nerve gas antidotes
  • Radiopharmaceutical devices for cancerous tissue nucleation
  • Pre-filled hypodermic syringe systems for general hospital use
  • Radioaerosol devices

QbD (Quality by Design) delivers an improved, data-driven output, providing manufacturers with superior product and process understanding that minimizes risk, emphasizes patient-critical quality requirements and enhances drug effectiveness.
The adoption of QbD principles in the design and manufacturing of packaging components provides a drug package that is optimized to meet these same stringent needs. New component offerings designed using QbD principles address growing need for high-quality packaging solutions.
Building quality into the development and manufacturing process from the start helps ensure that high quality standards are met through commercialization and allows the industry to reach its ultimate goal: delivering safe, effective medications to patients.