A technician inspecting samples.

Welcome to Precision Medical Products, Inc. (PMP), a premier provider of medical device assembly, medical device component manufacturing, and contract packaging for the leading pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers of the world. As you explore the various parts of our website, you will be able to tell that we put a lot of value, effort, and resources into the strengthening of our customer relationships and improving the overall growth of our business. Those efforts are equally spent on the growth and development of our employees.

PMP takes pride in our employees and we have a vested interest in them, their families, and their lives outside of work. The benefits we provide to our employees are unmatched and are a representation of our core values. We offer our employees an exceptionally clean and safe working environment, and we provide our employees with the resources and training development that will help them succeed and further their careers within our organization.

At PMP, we foster a culture of teamwork. Our employees understand that it takes teamwork in order to meet our objectives, as well as our customers’ objectives. We understand that without teamwork it would be impossible to continue growth. As part of our vision for Operational Excellence, we believe that by embracing and facilitating teamwork, we make PMP a great place to work, we become more efficient in our processes, and we exceed our quality standards.

We are also a company that believes that our values are the backbone of who we are as a company. Our standards of integrity are influential to building and maintaining relationships, internally and externally. We encourage our employees to model behaviors such as respect, honesty, accountability, communication, and trust in order to continue the success of our company.



Douglas N. Yocom
President & CEO