If you’re like many manufacturers and some larger OEMs in the med-tech industry, you’ve faced a number of challenges in recent years — consolidations, labor shortages, and changing regulatory environments. You need a contract manufacturing partner that can help you navigate these challenges and make your product development process more cost-effective and efficient.

Precision Medical Products, Inc. is that partner. For more than 50 years, we have focused exclusively on manufacturing medical devices and, through our legacy companies, we have more than 100 years of hands-on, precision metalworking experience. You can see this experience in everything we do, whether we’re delivering medical device assembly, medical device component manufacturing, or contract packaging services.

PMP’s experience can be demonstrated across a number of key domains for any device manufacturer or large OEM looking for a trusted partner:

A metal drum full of metal tweezers.

Diversity of Technologies — Our expertise spans a range of technologies, so you can feel confident that we can help you develop, design, test, and manufacture even the most exotic medical device. PMP is uniquely positioned to respond to a wide range of customer needs for medical, surgical, dental and pharmaceutical product applications, and because we offer so many technologies in-house, we are able to manufacture medical devices more cost effectively.



Engineering Support — PMP has been an engineering-focused company since its inception. Our engineers have years of experience, and we will work closely with your product development team, investing the time and effort necessary to understand the functionality of the device and to analyze its manufacturability. Accessing our extensive industry knowledge early in the design process not only makes your product better — it will get the product to market more quickly and cost-efficiently, increasing its chances for long-term success.


A magnify glass on a needle.

Pilot Production and Process Verification — At PMP, we strive to serve as a customer’s manufacturing arm. As part of our design-for manufacturing approach, we offer different levels of early-stage pilot testing to ensure that your device will transition successfully to full-scale production. We take your early prototypes and then work iteratively to refine and improve different manufacturing strategies, ensuring that we deploy the best possible process before you commit to major capital equipment expenditures. Our engineers, technicians, assemblers, and packagers are skilled problem-solvers and functional testers. They can uncover potential production issues and then resolve those issues so that you can feel confident that your device is working correctly and built to standard.


A worker moving rolls of metal in inventory warehouse.

Supply Chain Management — The materials cost of medical device manufacturing is a significant portion of the finished product, so you need a partner with an impeccable track record managing and sourcing the components and services needed to manufacture your medical product. PMP provides full-service supply chain management in conjunction with all of our contract manufacturing and contract packaging capabilities. We work with numerous customers to develop and implement successful supply chain processes and will adopt your preferred material and component suppliers. Or, we will incorporate your supply chain needs within our current list of certified suppliers.


A worker moving boxes on a dolly.

Stable Workforce — PMP is supported by a world-class workforce and is recognized in the region as one of the best places to work. Our corporate culture embraces productive teamwork. We know it takes a team of dedicated professionals to meet project objectives and quality standards, so we make it easy for teams to communicate, collaborate, and contribute great thinking. As a result, we have a stable and growing workforce that our customers can rely on, regardless of a project’s size or complexity.